Standard production equipment

It’s single and double directional bowl feeders, conveyors, part splitters and seperators, vibrotory particle separators - what we define as standard equipment which can be used in production of wide range of products.

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Bowl feeders

Depending on product type and dimensions - single or double direction bowl feeder can be applied for part feeding in to the equipment. Various disc designs is available and can be adjusted.

Bowl feeders can be mounted directly on production equipment it self, separate stand and even specialy built mezzanine, which can be used also for product location.

Feeders can be installed as part of production machine with control integrated in system of equipment or absolutely stand alone unit. High and low limit sensors controls when Bowl feeer turns and when it stop, so risk of jamming is prevented.

Our built gearbox is made of 20mm thick CNC machined and ground plates, feeding disks are made from Aluminum and deep anodised. Funnel - polished stainless steel.

Part splitter

Part splitter is built and used to split parts from one bowl feeder into two equipment processing stations as feeding ration of bowl feeder often is bigger than speed of machine.

Parts enter splitter thru one channel where fast acting rocker feeds parts in to two channels. Sensors detect feeded parts.

In case of jam transperent cover can be quickly removed.


Purpose of conveyors is to lift the product to eleveation high enough to feed Bowl feeders if they are located to high to be feed by hand from ground level.

Conveyors are made from following materials: - Welded steel base frame

  • - Stainless steel conveyor body and funnel
  • - Funnel inside surfaces covered with Linex
  • - Conveyor belt - plastic or steel by choice

Additional options:

  • - Movable on the wheels or anchored to the floor
  • - Feeding output can be made to feed one or two bowl feeders

Conveyor it self is a stand alone unit with independed control box. It is equipted with a low limit sensor in funnel so it indicates when it is out of parts. It also can be equipted with high and low limit sensors which then is mounted on Bowl feeder, so conveyor “know” to feed or not. And adjusting of that limit is simple and can be done by the operator or mechanic.

Height of conveyor is adjusted for each order client and equipment as required.

Vibrotory particle separators

Often produced parts, specially after final trim and groove machines, comes with a shavings. In order to simpify separation process vibrotory equipment can be used.

So process takes a few minutes and no manual sorting of product should be done.

Depending on size of the product - mesh of basket should be adjusted.

Coolant and lubrication liquid mixer

In order to prepare equally mixed coolant or lubrication liquid mixer is ment to prepare and maintain that liquid is evenly miscible and at the right temperature.

Volume of tank can be adjusted by needs of client.

The mixer is seated in abox that ensures that there is no contamination of the flor at the event of leakage.