Shooting courses

We offer following shooting programs with pistols and shotguns:

  • shooting in near distances;
  • cleaning of buildings;
  • preparation of instructors for the above-mentioned courses for conducting courses.
  • Trainings can be executed in Latvia in several locations depending on the program.

    We also offer development of shooting tutorials and programs.

    Courses can be done for one person or for groups up to 10 people.

    Instructor CV


    • Certificate of Latvian Shooting federation
    • Latvian National Armed Forces – tactical shooting certificate
    • Latvian Bodyguard Agency Certificate
    • United Kingdom FIBUA Training Centre certificate



    • 7 international operations
    • Tactical combat shooting specialist with 15 years of practical experience in personnel training for fighting in near distances and battle in a built environment
    • Planned and trained personnel of Latvian National Armed Forces, Afgan National Army and Michigan National Guard
    • Has planned and conducted short-term security training, as well as arranged and executed accompaniment of international VIP in Afghanistan.
    • Please contact us of more details


      Shooting courses VDS

      Shooting courses VDS